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500 Kay EV delivery! Jiangling new energy products for the first time to achieve mass delivery

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This morning, Jiangling shares and China Electric Power Co., Ltd. (Tianjin) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. the first batch of 500 Kairui EV bus ceremony was held in front of the small blue product building square. This is the mass delivery of new energy products of Jiangling stock. Xiong Chunying, Executive Vice President of Jiangling Stock, Jin Wenhui, Vice President Li Xiaojun, Zhu Shuixing, Liu Shuying, Ding Wenmin, Assistant President Liu Rengpo, as well as Shenzhen Guoh Chairman Wang Chenglin, China Electric Power Co., Ltd. General Manager Yao Li, Kaishi Commercial Factoring General Manager Li Shan and others attended the ceremony. Jin Wenhui, executive vice president of the joint stock company, welcomed everyone. He said that more than a month ago, Jiangling signed a year-round purchase agreement and an initial order of 500 sets for 3000 sets of Kerry EV with Shenzhen Guohe, China Electric Power Co-investment (Tianjin) and China National Express (Wuhan). Today is the day when Jiangling fulfills its first order, and it is the beginning of Jiangling's strategic alliance in this era of green future and interconnection of all things. 

Yao Li, general manager of China Electric Power Co-cast, stressed that Jiang Ling's strong cooperation with China Electric Power Co-cast sounded the gunshot in response to the three-year plan of action for national blue sky defense. China Electric Power Co., Ltd. will cooperate with Jiangling in the whole life cycle of Intelligent Logistics in the future to enhance the core competitiveness of both sides.

Finally, in the salute gun chorus, the joint-stock company president assistant Liu Rengpo on behalf of Jiang Ling shares will deliver the vehicle keys to the China Electric Power Co.

On May 24, Jiangling signed a year-round purchase agreement and an initial order of 500 sets for 3000 sets of Kerry EV with Shenzhen Hydrogen Corporation, China Electric Power Corporation (Tianjin) and China National Express (Wuhan). On June 25, Jiangling and Metro Rental Vehicle (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. signed the annual purchase agreement for 2100 sets of Kairui EV. With excellent quality and excellent performance, Kerry EV has become the benchmark of the same level of domestic products.

In order to ensure the delivery of high quality products to customers, the joint-stock company pays close attention to all the elements in the process of commissioning and assembly from top to bottom, and provides support and help to Kairui EV production in many aspects, such as personnel training, equipment renovation, material preparation, process optimization and so on. From five sets per day to seventy sets per day in the near future, steady and comprehensive progress has been made, providing a strong guarantee for the follow-up production of large-scale orders.

Kairui EV is the first new energy light truck made by Jiangling Lightweight Company. It relies on the high quality development platform of Jiangling Lightweight Truck. It inherits the characteristics of Jiangling Lightweight Truck, such as high quality, reliability, durability, comfort and safety. Kerry EV shares Ford's global quality procurement platform, with first-class parts quality, strong development team and technical support, set Ford standards, Jiangling quality process in one, using Jiangling rigorous vehicle testing standards, to ensure the quality of the vehicle.

The Kerry EV achieves a maximum endurance range of 400 km per hour at a constant speed of 40 km, and a maximum endurance range of 248 km per hour under a comprehensive condition. The energy consumption per unit load of the Kerry EV is lower than that of the same class.

The Carrey EV is equipped with a car networking system, and the application of "Jiangling Zhixing" app can realize the search and screening functions of nearby charging stations/piles. In addition, the model also has the functions of remote control door opening and locking, vehicle condition fault diagnosis, driving behavior analysis, fleet management and so on.

China Electric Power Co. (Tianjin) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is sponsored by professionals and automotive strategic dealers in Shangzhou and other places. At present, it has 35,000 traditional diesel logistics vehicles. Mainstream domestic logistics companies (such as Shunfeng, Jingdong, Debang, Sitong Yida, etc.) have been cooperating for more than 10 years. We should popularize the concept of "Internet + green travel", and build a comprehensive transport service platform based on platform management and mobile applications through the integration of drivers network, cargo network, demand network, charging network, payment network, vehicle network, monitoring network and so on. The solution and housekeeping after-sales service can effectively reduce the operating costs of logistics companies and improve operational efficiency.

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